Pay homage towards old monk rum with every single tantalizing sip

Should you truly worship rum using your lips and also wish to savor on rum which has originated from the actual land of monks and the Taj Mahal then you could surely give homage to old monk rum with each tantalizing sip. This potent rum at 42. 8 percent alcohol strength features a distinctive flavor and personality which is sure to carry you back in its history with the very first sip whiskey yeast.

Old Monk is black or black rum that is produced by the Mohan Meakin Group of Companies which was set up in 1855 as being a brewery but is now into many products including other alcohol based drinks as well. This particular rum is actually exported to many nations around the globe like the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States of America, Canada, etc. Old Monk is in fact one of the top selling rums around the globe and you should be able to locate this wonderful label of rum in your local liquor store. In case you are not able to find this iconic brand name in a local store then you can always hop online and order Old Monk right from an online store to get it shipped right at your doorstep.

You can select from old monk rum that has been aged for 7 years or perhaps can also opt for Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum which has been aged for 12 years. You might just locate a touch of spices such as vanilla with the very first sip with this rum that is really strengthened with a strong character. Old Monk has been winning several gold awards since many years and you as well will definitely realize the key reason why when you sip upon straight old monk or perhaps enjoy it all on the rocks. In fact, this black rum additionally lends itself superbly to many rum recipes which include scrumptious cocktails which could also include various other alcoholic beverages too.

In fact, this specific rum is referred to as the drink for Gods in India from where this originates. The sugarcane as well as water which is acquired from higher mountainous regions within North India provide a rich flavor to old monk rum which will certainly intrigue your own tastebuds for life. You as well can add this particular rum in your own unique recipe that could contain various fresh fruit juices, fruits, and sodas as well if you want to dilute this potent rum but nevertheless take pleasure in its rich flavor.

You can also take those you love on a mental expedition of India simply by pouring them your unique rum recipes that are infused using old monk. Although there are numerous other well-known brands involving rum across the globe such as bacardi rum, myers rum, zacapa rum, pyrat rum, parrot bay rum, don q rum, el dorado rum, and a few more, old monk has held on to its share of stardom purely because of its fantastic character that may definitely leave its mark on your senses with the very first whiff and sip of this heady rum read more here.

If you would like your voyage in to the world of rum to touch virtually all corners on the globe you should certainly sip upon one of the best-selling rums on the globe which has originated from India. Your tastebuds are going to be happily mystified as they try to decipher the unique taste and personality exuded by the 7 and 12 year old rum which is absolutely delicious regardless of whether sipped straight or even blended into scrumptious cocktails. You ought to truly give homage to old monk rum with each tantalizing sip even while you share this wonderful iconic rum together with those you love.