Some New Points To Consider For Top Search Engine Ranking

Google has a tendency of mixing things up with regards to how they rank people’s internet sites within their results. Because of this you need to be aware of the changes that they make and how it affects your website. Along with Google’s latest update they’re placing more emphasis on how long people stay at your website and when they interact with your site. Mainly because this is now a major ranking point for your internet site were going to be speaking about a few things you can do in order to keep individuals on your site for a longer period of time.

Most people have external links on their site pointing to other sites and you need to ensure that these links always open up in a new window. This way when people are going to a new site from your website, your website will still be open in the browser beneath the new site. By doing this Google will see that your internet site remains within their web browser for a longer period of time. For the most part when a new window opens the user will not go and try and find the other window to close it before they read that internet site. This means that for however long they are on the other website your website will still be opened in the window beneath that one.

One more thing you can do to get folks to interact with your website and get them to remain on your website longer is to offer them a free download. The best choice is to have a pop-up on your website that appears as soon as some one comes to your internet site. This pop-up window should contain an extremely simple message saying something like ” click here to download a free E book”. At this point you want the link that they clicked on to bring them to another page on your site. The benefit of using this method is to keep individuals on your website longer and also to get them to interact with your site. Yet another advantage of this is to try and get your visitors e-mail address on the next page so you can start creating a list. By using this strategy not only will you be helping your search engine ranking but you are going to also have the ability to develop a list.

This does not mean that you can abandon your seo methods. The basics of search engine optimization continue to be in effect, this is just an addition to Google’s algorithm. Although Google has updated their algorithms the constructing of back-links is still incredibly essential in your search engine placement. Most individuals are aware of the necessity of back-links but if you are not, you ought to understand that this will greatly impact your rankings. By adhering to these suggestions you ought to have the ability to keep individuals on your website longer which in turn will help your ranking in Google There are obviously other ways to keep men and women on your website but the suggestions should get you going.